The most Carlton Audio Visualiest system ever.

The most Carlton Audio Visualiest system ever.

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We set out to build a really sweet system for the modern listener - someone who likes the sweet sound of vinyl but appreciates the convenience of digital streaming. After many hours of experimenting (read all about it here), we arrived at this system that hit the sweet spot for price and performance. It just so happens it's got some of our most popular kit in it too. 

Speakers: Monitor Audio Silver 6 - $2150/pr.

Not only do they look gorgeous, but they have a fine blend of detail, space and depth. Plenty of bass to keep you happy without any bloat. 

Amplification: Rega Brio 2017 - $1299

The latest iteration of the Brio does not disappoint - a definite show stopper. A petite unit, but sounds anything but.

Turntable: Rega Planar 2 (inc. Carbon cartridge) - $849

We just couldn't go past the Rega Planar 2 - it's such excellent value for money and with a sweetness that hard to match. Solid build for the price range and just so much fun.

Streaming: Heos Link - $599

Everyone needs a streamer, and this one's packed with a few extra features including USB playback and excellent music service support.


  • Speaker cable: Chord Clearway 6m @ $24/m $144
  • Interconnect: Chord Clearway RCA 1m $170 $170
  • Carbon Fibre Brush $25

This system retails for a grand total of $5,236. But we've twisted some arms and we can supply it for $4,700 including delivery in any capital metro area. Not only that, but we've included a few options:

Upgrade the digital side by adding the outstanding Chord Mojo. Retailing for $799 this portable DAC/Headphone amplifier is stunning in the amount of detail is reveals. You can add it for $700 (swapping out the cables for QED as appropriate).

Or upgrade the Analog side with the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. This $329 cartridge brings a whole new level of detail over and above the stock Rega Carbon. Yours for an extra $269 inc fitting.