The fashionable classics package, exotic sound with aesthetic humility

The fashionable classics package, exotic sound with aesthetic humility

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Good Hi Fi doesn't change with fashion... it just gets better on the inside. Here's a collection of kit that looks like a throwback to a simpler time, but is hiding innovation inside it's classic skin.

The Project Classic may look like a (certain) vintage turntable, but it's using some of the latest advances in manufacturing a materials to create a thoroughly modern sound. From the carbon/aluminium tonearm to the TPE damping and suspension, this turntable packs some serious engineering into its classic looks.

The Rotel A12 looks like pretty much any rotel from the past two decades, but wait - what's that USB socket doing on the front? Featuring iOS device compatibility, digital inputs, bluetooth streaming and an onboard DAC, there's not much that you can throw at this amp that it can't handle. There are ofcourse a string of analog inputs, including phono stage, and 60W of power on tap per channel, meaning this amp is built to do business.

The PMC DB1 gold may look like a dainty bookshelf speaker, but anyone who has heard one will tell you different. The comapct design hides PMC's clever Advance Transmission Line, leading to deep flat bass response that has to be heard to be believed.

Whats more, you can pickup the whole package for just $5K!