Style and Substance

Style and Substance

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There are always competing demands when you set out to build a system on a budget, but why can't it look as good as it sounds? Here's a system that balances superb sonics with distinct looks. It's also a system that can only come about through a proper auditioning process - you can read the story here.

Speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze 2 - $599/pr.

A supremely capable speaker for not much money. It can be a touch forward when partnered poorly, but give it a great source and it will shine. 

Amplification: Rotel A10 - $649

An amplifier that does little wrong at the price point, replete with an excellent phono-stage.

Turntable: Project The Classic - $1,599

It's not often that you see half the budget go into the source component, but in this case it shows just what a difference the source makes. Giving a signal this good to the A10 and Bronze 2s show just how capable they can be!


  • Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Blue - $299
  • Speaker cable: Chord C-Screen 6m @ $12/m $72

All up, this system should be $3,218. But you can pick it up for $2,800, delivered (capital city metro areas) or $2,700 if you collect it in store! 

It's a superb package that not only plays records with aplomb, but looks the part too. A superb introduction to high fidelity vinyl playback.