Rega Elex

Rega Elex

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While everyone knows Rega for their fine record players, their amplifiers are the unsung heroes of the range. The entry point Brio is the amplifier that the staff reach for when wanting to show what a difference an amplifier can make to a budget system. It’s a star, but anyone who has ever set foot in the store knows we love the Brio, so we thought we’d tell you why we love the Elex.

Stepping up above the Brio has always yielded a surprising problem – the Brio is just fantastically good value for money. The Elex is more expensive, so it should sound better, but it isn’t the stone bargain that the Brio is. But if you ignore the price points, there is no question the Elex is a better amplifier. Sure, it costs a bit more, but you’re buying into a different breed.

For a start, the Elex has a bit more power under the hood - Rega quote a very honest 72W per channel. The power doesn’t translate into volume, but into control and dynamic performance. It’s also a bit more fleet of foot than the Brio, although it’s not quite as polite. This isn’t a criticism of the Elex however, it just lets a bit more detail shine through – perfect for revealing what your speakers can really do.

While it took us a little while to overcome our love of the Brio and embrace the Elex, The press has no such qualms, with the Elex taking our What HiFi’s best buy gong 3 years in a row. Even against newer competition, it’s the amplifier to beat at this price point.