PMC Twenty5.23

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We’ve been stocking PMC for almost 15 years now – at that point only the studio range was being distributed in Australia and we had to convince the local agent to bring in the domestic series for us. Well, it’s a product we’ve nurtured in our local market and it’s grown into a brand that feels synonymous with our store.

PMC have a good story to sell – ex BBC guys building very accurate speakers for studios – turns out they sound excellent for Hi-Fi purposes also. Their advanced transmission line designs always surprise for their size – the folded cabinets produce clean extended bass that can be quite extraordinary.

The Twenty5.23 (no comment on that naming scheme…) is the latest incarnation of the slender floorstander that started back with the beguiling GB1. The ’23 is a highly evolved model – sloping cabinets and superb fittings are a massive step up from the original GB’s and the new laminar flow port is an upgrade from the twenty series.

Playing these for customers is a treat for us too – we love the look of surprise when customers hear what comes out of this slender floorstander with two small drivers. They have scale and cohesion that much bigger models fail to achieve, plus a talent with vocals that is rare in a moving coil speaker. Plus, they handle small intimate works just as well as big orchestral pieces.

Over the years these speakers have earned a devoted following amongst our customers, as well as a few staff. We give them multiple thumbs up.