Oppo UDP 205

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Way back in the day when DVD’s ruled the roost, we used to love our high end DVD players. The battleship builds of the top of the line Denon and Marantz players were superlative, while the images that flowed from the Arcams were jawdropping. Then Blu-ray came along as the format of choice, but it took a long time to find a player with anywhere near the build of those old machines. Pick up a mass market Blu-ray player and it feels like they are built from styrofoam. Worse still, none of them stood out as head and shoulders above the pack for image  quality. It took some time before we saw Blu-ray players that knocked our socks off. Well, Oppo have done that and pretty much slayed the rest of the market – they are pretty much the only blu-ray players we sell these days.

The UDP205 is the flagship and it’s a beautifully constructed hunk of kit. It’s a 4K UHD player, so check that box. It also supports HDR and a Dolby Vision upgrade is promised this year. The star though is the video processing Oppo have been perfecting over the past few years, which digs up so many details off the disk it’s astounding.

We love this player, not only for the images it produces, but for the quality of the audio too. While it’s mainly used around the store (and sold) as a video source, the audio decoding is also top notch. The BDP205 is billed as a universal disc player, adept with CDs through SACD along with DVD Audio too. There’s not much it can’t handle, it even works as a media streamer on your network.

Look, if you want a player for UHD Blu-ray and you also like music, then this is the player for you. Run your fingers over the brushed aluminium front panel and feel the heft of the all metal chassis and you’ll know that this player is built to treat your discs right.