Multi-purpose cinema

Multi-purpose cinema

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Sometimes our challenge is to consider the careful interplay of components to try to achieve the best system we can for a customer. Other times, the challenge is in understanding exactly what the system is going to be used for and matching the customers needs. This is a system that we came up with for Joseph, after experimenting with a few different types of system. Here's a package that fits in his budget and won't dominate his room. It's going to give him the excitement he craves for movies, which is why he came in, but also be a superb system for listening to music, which Rab quickly realised was actually his primary passion.


Main Speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze 5 - $1,225/pr.

So it seems that we quite like monitor audio - and for good reason. It looks good, it sounds fantastic and it's great value for money. The Bronze 5's are slender towers, but they have a fantastic sense of scale allied with plenty of snap and sizzle.

Matching cinema set : Monitor Audio Bronze Centre and Bronze FX - $450 & $599/pr

A fairly straight forward choice, the bronze centre and fx surrounds maintain that same timbre all the way around the room leaving you with superb cohesion. 

Subwoofer : REL T5 - $999

While the MA Bronze sub is no slouch, the REL T5 is superb for musical enjoyment. It's super articulate and can fill even a large room.

Receiver : Denon AVRX1300W - $1,099

It's hard to look past the Denon range when it comes to features and performance. The toanl match here is really nice with the monitor audios, giving them a touch of air and elevation to the sound.

Basic maths tells us that this system retails for $4,368, but we are doing this package for  $3,750 with in-store collection. Due to the large size, you'll have to contact us a shipping quote, but we can have it shipped anywhere within Australia.