Monitor Audio Bronze 2

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When you go and listen to an expensive pair of speakers, there shouldn’t be any surprises if they sound good. After all, the designer has a budget to build something that sounds good. But doing that on a very limited budget is very difficult. When you factor in the margins, shipping and packaging costs, the fact that a designer can build anything for this price point is quite remarkable. So when something comes along that actually sounds good – that’s truly impressive.

Monitor Audio Bronze series are generally the first speaker we reach for when someone comes in looking for an entry point speaker. They also tend to be the last speaker they listen to before they commit to purchasing them. They just hit on all the angles. They sound really good. They look fantastic. They are amazing value,

Sonically they sparkle, with an open airy top end and plenty of punch in the bass. Midrange presence is also excellent for the price – they are incredibly expressive with vocals. The metal dome drive tweeter is on the brighter side of the equation, but they reward high quality amplifiers by being way more inciteful than a speaker at this price has any right to be.

This isn’t to say that they are the only sub $1,000 bookshelf we recommend, but our customers consistently pick them as a favourite. It’s easy to see why – it’s hard to go wrong with the Bronze 2s.