Legend Kama

Legend Kama

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We love to support local products where possible, especially when they happen to be a world class product built right here in Australia. Dr Rod Crawford is one of our most internationally renowned speaker designers, spending a period as Linn’s speaker head honcho. Lucky for us Scotland is quite cold and he returned home to ply his trade here.

Our pick of the range is the Kama – now in it’s 8th iteration. A well proportioned floor-stander, it’s finished in some lovely Australian timbers. It’s a very classical finish, but so incredibly well made – you know from the first touch that this is a solid speaker. It’s very well braced and has very low resonace.

Sonically, they have the trademark Legend sound of being fast and open. They image very well with an excellent sense of depth. The bass is fast – your foot will start tapping of its own accord as you look on wondering why, until you realise how engaged you are with the music. The top end in clean and airy and the midrange warm and inviting.

We’ve always had a great relationship with Dr Rod – he’s always very receptive to feedback and we’ve got to test many an iteration over the years. In its price range the Kama isn’t without stiff competition, but it’s a speaker that you’ll often find playing in our main demo space when there’s no customers in the store. It’s easy to support local products when they sound this good.