Ambience Ribbon Loudspeakers

Ambience Ribbon Loudspeakers

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The Ambience ribbons stand out in a world where we like to think we've heard it all before. Made locally in Victoria, but selling all over the world, Ambience are one of the few manufacturers building a full range ribbon speaker.

Listening to a ribbon speaker can be an enlightening experience. We're so conditioned to conventional moving coil speakers that they are what our ears are accustomed too. Even when we're enjoying live music most of the time we're listening to the PA system and it's moving coils and horns.

If you enjoy a steady diet of un-amplified acoustic music, then you're going to love Ambience ribbons. They have a naturalness and purity that is simply remarkable. A beautiful open top end with plenty of sparkle but that never fatigues - these are speakers you can truly grow old with - See what Rab thinks about that here.

Pricing for the 1800 model - that's 1800mm high just in case you were wondering...